This is a new project I’m working on into the future titled 'A Symbol of Rebellion'. I’m painting murals (portraits) of Vaccine injured people and recording their stories in a podcast. I want to shine a light on the human stories behind this issue which has been largely ignored by the mainstream media and actively censored by social media and governments worldwide.

Please take the time to listen and share. If you want to donate a large exterior wall to this project, please email me in the ‘Contact’ page. I’ll be painting at least half a dozen of these portraits and I’m happy to travel anywhere in Australia where a wall becomes available.

Caitlin/Raelene (Toowoomba)

Listen to Caitlin's story HERE.

Caitlin fell ill after her second Pfizer shot, telling friends she felt like she was dying. For the next 42 days Caitlin's health declined. She experienced a lot of shortness of breath and exhaustion. On the 17th of November 2021 Caitlin was found dead in her car at work. 

I sat down and recorded a podcast with her mother Raelene who has been fighting since her death for transparency and accountability around the events that lead to to Caitlin's death. the podcast will be released in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime you can here Raelene speak about Caitlin's story HERE.

Ingi (Rainbow Beach QLD) 

Listen to Ingi's story HERE.

Ingi was a triathlete, fitness coach and uber fit individual. She had a life threatening aortic dissection, pulminary embolism and multiple organ failure as a result of her second pfizer shot, requiring a number of emergency surgeries and nearly costing her her life. 

Naomi (Cairns)

Listen to Naomi story HERE.

Naomi is from cairns, She has been suffering from long term and severe neurological, nervous system and cardiac problems as a direct result of her second Pfizer covid vaccine almost 2 years ago. Pericarditis, Pots, Mcas and facial paralysis are some of the conditions she has been dealing with.

She is also a founding member of Coverse, an Australian not-profit advocacy and support organisation run by and for covid vaccine injured Australians. This gives her a unique insight what’s happening across the country.

Erin (Brisbane)

Listen to Erin’s story HERE.

Erin is from Brisbane and has been unable to work since she was injured following two shots of the Pfizer Vaccine. Due to the vaccine, she is now suffering from severe neurological problems. Erin is the first person I have spoken to with these neurological issues and it is every bit as debilitating as the accounts I have read online. Erin has completely exhausted all means of financing treatment and is getting minimal help from the government. She has started a Gofund Me to pay for additional treatment including Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy. Please follow the GoFundMe link below and donate generously - every little bit helps.

Michelle (Melbourne)

Listen to Michelle’s story HERE

This conversation is with Michelle, a photographer from Melbourne. Following receiving the Pfizer Covid vaccine, Michelle is now suffering from Mast Cells Activations Syndrome (MCAS), an autoimmune inflammatory condition, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

Michelle’s mural is located in Sunshine Lane, 1 Ann st Brunswick Melbourne.

1:18:19 Katie lees family received $70,680 in compensation under the vaccine claims scheme

1:02:03 Senator Gerard Rennick, LNP Senator for Queensland

Brent (Sydney)

Listen to Brent's Story HERE.

Please take the time to listen and share.

My first conversation is with Brent, a sparky from Sydney who was injured by the Pfizer jab. I met Brent like I have so many others while getting treatment for my own vaccine injury & long covid issues.