Born in 1984 Marsh is known for using a mixture of enamels, acrylics and aerosol, Marsh’s work explores the growing cross over between graffiti and high art, popular culture and the cult of the celebrity. Marsh pairs traditional motifs, elements of impressionism and pop with the pallet, scale & techniques associated with graffiti.
Spending his formative years exploring and painting throughout Sydney’s rail network. “Much of what I employ in terms of pallet, scale and the manner in which I paint comes from my background in graffiti”. The language of Graffiti is deeply personal to Marsh and the foundation of his style and practice. He finds graffiti to be as prolific as advertising, democratic, unsanctioned and accessible to all. 
An international reputation has seen him travel to create work in North & South America, South East Asia, Europe and throughout Australia. Marsh graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from COFA, UNSW (2009) and has subsequently completed a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Visual Arts) from University of Technology Sydney. With a well-established studio practice he is a professional artist with a blossoming career.

Artists CV
1984, Sydney, Australia 

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Australian Graffiti
2015 Savoir Fauire, Goodspace, Sydney
2013 Second Life, The Tate, Sydney
2012 States of Mind, Lo-Fi Collective, Sydney
Road to Ruin, Gallery Five, Crown Lane, Wollongong

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016     The Anointed Few, Piermarq Gallery, Sydney
             Late Greats, Goodspace, Sydney
             Rappers On Bags, Goodspace, Sydney
2015     12 x 12, The Stockroom, Melbourne
             Until Next Time, The Tate, Sydney
             Matthew Gillett Gallery, Scarborough
2014     Concrete Jungle – Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
             Stockroom, The Tate x The Hours, Sydney
             B&W, The Tate, Sydney
2013     Wonder Walls, The Hours x Stupidkrap
             4 Letter Word, Low-Fi Collective, Sydney
2012     Love Street Bandits, Lo-Fi Collective, Sydney

Selected Commissions and Live Events
2016     Art and About, City of Sydney
             Lord Gladstone Hotel, Chippendale
             Centuria Property Group, Brisbane
2015     Beams Arts Festival, Chippendale
             Spice Alley, Sydney
             Scissorhands, Newtown
             Flour Drum, Sydney
             Colliers International, Sydney
             Mecca Brands, Urban Decay Launch, Sydney
             Chur Burger, Sydney
2014     Reebok Australia #pump25, Sydney
             Beams Arts Festival, Chippendale
             Spotify Australia, Sydney
2013     Wonder Walls Festival, Wollongong
             Marquee at the Star, Sydney
             Beams Art Festival/Red Bull Curates, Chippendale
             Semi Permanent/The Hours, The Projects, Sydney
2012     Redbull goes to Rio, Alexandria
             Drinks Fest (Redbull), Circular Quay
             Future Music Festival, Randwick Racecoure
2011      Outpost Project, Cockatoo Island


Selected Collections
Redbull Australia, Alexandria
Balmoral Beach Club, Sydney
Spotify Australia, Sydney
The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, Randwick

Public Programs ad Education
2016 Five Islands Secondary college mural program, Port Kembla
2015 Five Islands Secondary college mural program, Port Kembla
2014 Warrawong High School Mural Program, Wollongong
Western Sydney Aboriginal Medical Service, Hepatitis C Awareness Program, Blacktown Sydney
Drawing the Line Art Month, Maclemoi Gallery, Chippendale
Street Art Master Class Art Month, Sydney

Selected Press
ABC Illawarra, Mornings with Nick Rheinberger. 6.5.16                                                                                         Win News, 7.4.16
2UE. On the drive, Bill Woods, 24.3.16
ABC702, Breakfast with 702, 5.4.16
9 News
ABC News$100,000/7313534
Daily Mail                                                                                                                     
Telegraph UK
US Weekly
Complex (USA)
Cosmopolitan UK (UK)
Pedestrain TV
Daily Telegraph Sydney (AUSTRALIA)
NY Daily news (USA)
Noisey (UK)
Perez Hilton
The guardian
Irish Examiner (UK)
I Heart Radio
Metro Netherlands
Kiss 100 (Kenya)
Arts Blog (Italy)
Catraca Livre (Bazil)
Bonafide Bedfellows
No Cure Magazine (Brisbane)
MTN (Sydney)    Australian Infront                           
Pages digital
2013                                                                                                                                                                 Strobed          
Acclaim Magazine    2011                
The AU Review

2013 The Basel Royale Art Prize - 1st place
2010 All Ironlak Graffiti competition -3rd place (individual)
2010 All Ironlak Graffiti competition - 3rd place (group)